Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

The holidays have begun and we are off to a good start as Tom has actually wanted to leave the house.

Sometimes he refuses to get dressed and will not leave the house as it is ‘too dangerous’ but this seems to have lessened over the past few weeks. He happily got dressed on Saturday, as I had promised to take them for a bus ride and a coffee juice in town and Tom was extremely happy when out and about.

I even managed to take him to the library with Stephen. Although he did not want to sit and look at books, he was relaxed in there, most probably as it was very quiet and while he lay on the huge coloured mat or pretended to drive the train (they have a bookcase shaped like a train where you can sit and read) Stephen read a few books.

What did surprise me though was that Tom did not want to go and see the ‘Naughty Man’ at the Museum.

Sunday was also another lovely day and we spent the day in and out of the garden. At the moment the boys are really interested in snails and we have lots in our garden. They all seem to congregate in one particular corner where there are lots of plants that Tom has affectionately called the ‘Snail House’.

Anyway the boys have enjoyed being in the garden and have been finding and ‘helping’ the snails or as Stephen has informed me, “Mum, we are rescuing them.”

Tom really seems to be fascinated by them and the other day he sat with a snail in his hand for around twenty minutes. He was completely silent and sat quietly studying the snail, putting his face very close to it. He was also extremely gentle with it; he understood that he needed to be.

What has really made me smile when watching the boys interact with the snails is that they have now created a ‘snail school’. This is where they place all of the snails together on the slide and feed them grass; they usually get covered in it. I have no idea where this idea came from; maybe because there are a group of snails, they usually manage to find six every time, so perhaps the group of snails for Tom means school, that’s my theory anyway.