Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Something quite remarkable (well I think so anyway) happened over the weekend and I wanted to share it with you, once again Tom has totally surprised me.

Tom climbed into our bed on Sunday morning as usual, I am glad to say though that it was 6.30 as opposed to 2.50am which was when we found him in bed with us on Wednesday morning, Andrew just turned to me, looking over Tom’s shoulder who was wedged in between us and said, (laughing) when did Tom get in here?

Luckily he did go back to bed for us. Anyway I digress, Tom got into our bed and without any prompting whatsoever started to talk about his day at school.

I was speechless.... I held my breath as he spoke as I did not want to break the spell. Tom spoke sequentially about his day at school. He told from when he arrived right through to when he got in the taxi to come home.

Tom NEVER talks about school, ever. I always ask the boys about their day at school while having tea, Stephen loves to chat about his day and he always tells me the latest gossip, however when I ask Tom I always get a “Mmmmmm Mmmm, stop talking!” So for this little boy who never shares his day to suddenly tell us about it made me feel quite emotional.

What he told showed how much he enjoys school and that his love of school is based upon routine and predictability. He referred to his ‘choice board’ and his ‘tokens’. All the children receive ‘I did well’ tokens and they all have different pictures on them, Tom’s tokens have Cheerios on them.

It was just so lovely though to hear him talk about his day, or rather the events of the day, he had remembered everything; I am not sure if my memory is that good or indeed if it has ever been that good.

One thing for sure though is that I am so very grateful he is at this wonderful school. I now know that Tom does indeed enjoy school and although incredibly frustrating to me in that he does not tell me about his day, I no longer feel sad. Instead I have to ask myself the question, ‘does this really matter?’ The answer to this is quite simply no. Not anymore.