Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

This past weekend was a good one; Andrew took Stephen to school with him on Saturday so that meant that I was left with my friend Tom at home.

However, as usual on a Saturday I could not get him out of the house so we actually spent most of the day in the garden with him running about and bouncing on the trampoline.

We did have a lovely relaxing day though so all was good; as long as he is happy I don’t care.

Andrew was off school on the Sunday though so we all decided to go out for the day.

Tom had mentioned going to see the cars and so that is what we did. We went to Lakeland Motor Museum which the boys absolutely love.

The only problem with the museum though is that Tom wants to touch all of the cars. We did tell him, ‘no touch Tom’ followed by ‘no feel’ when he told us that he was not ‘touching’ them but ‘feeling’ them but alas this did not work, you can’t really blame him for wanting to touch them as they are all incredibly bright and glossy but there are signs everywhere telling you not to do so.

I think because the cars are inside and in a ‘museum’ Tom can’t get his head round the fact that he should not touch them. What was interesting though was that when we went outside to look at all of the classic cars he did not once try and touch them.

Stephen also adored the museum and spent most of the time answering a quiz which he took very seriously. I found the questions really difficult but Andrew helped him to answer most of them.

What both boys really loved though was the Campbell Bluebird Exhibition at the museum. They enjoyed the replica of the Bluebird boat although Tom kept asking if he could go climb into the ‘booster’ at the back and kept popping his head in.

He then (while watching a film, very nicely I may add,) became quite upset when a man stood in his way therefore blocking his view. This resulted in Tom saying politely at first, ‘excuses me’, and then when the man didn’t hear him resulted in him adding, ‘I can’t see, move now, get out of the way’ luckily the man saw the funny side.