Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Well so far so good, we are having an absolutely fantastic break with both boys and to be honest we have fitted an awful lot in so far.

We were extremely fortunate that Stephen could spend a few days last week with his Grandparents on the Wirral and he had a lovely time, I have to add though with much ice cream eating of the chocolate variety going on.

This then gave us a few days alone with Tom and although he did miss his older brother he did enjoy this time with us. He particularly enjoyed his little train ride out to Morecambe and was asking at 7.30 am to be dressed, this never ever happens.

He always wants to wear his pyjamas so he really was excited.

We had a simple day really, a train ride, chippy chips, ice cream on the prom and fun in the playground. Really simple pleasures but he had such a fun time.

This week so far has mainly been spent in the garden due to the lovely weather and Stephen has now designed a ‘plan’ of his patch of garden including small pond, Daddy shall have one too, an apple tree and small stream, he has had fun visiting various garden centres with Andrew and choosing supplies, he loves the garden.

We have though also ventured out for the odd coffee juice, or rather hot chocolate for Stephen, and always with marshmallows and ‘some spongey cake’ for Tom.

Tom had also been attending Unique Kidz and Co to give us a little respite time as well as helping Tom in keeping to a little routine, going once a week helps with transitioning back to school after the holidays.

The Easter holidays also bring about that time of year when we buy new school shoes or rather shoes for Stephen and trainers for Tom.

We used to dread taking Tom fur new shoes but the experience over the years has become that much better and easier fur Tom, and we have also learnt the act of choosing shoes extremely quickly.

So we still have a few days left of the holiday and we plan to enjoy them while eating lots of chocolate eggs. Happy Easter.