Jo Worgan column

Jo Worgan.
Jo Worgan.

On Tuesday my Tom turned six and so therefore Monday was a day of preparation.

I took Stephen out into town in the morning so as to buy birthday supplies and ingredients for the birthday cake.

Tom is on a gluten free and dairy free diet and so therefore I had to make his birthday cake.

Coupled with this was the fact that he requested a squirrel cake. Luckily I had managed to source a squirrel cake mould from Amazon the other week and fortunately the cake was a success. Anyway, I took Stephen to choose decorations for both the house and cake and he was very excited. We decided on some green icing for grass with accompanying flowers and carrots cake decorations. Stephen also chose the candles and decided that the letters ‘T’ ‘O’ and ‘M’ were needed, he informed me, “so Tom knows the cake is for him.”

I had a lovely time in town with Stephen choosing all of the birthday goodies but Tom was not too happy about the whole experience, he apparently spent the whole time we were gone looking out of the window exclaiming, “I want my best friend” and telling Andrew, “you have lost your Stephen and I have lost my mum”.

He also refused to eat and drink while we were gone! All was resolved when we got home though and it was lovely to spend some alone time with Stephen.

So his birthday arrived and I have to say that this was a huge success.

Tom enjoyed opening all of his presents and enjoyed opening his purple Lighttsabre, squirrel (not a real one obviously) and all of his Angry Birds goodies, his little face was a picture. It was the first year really that he has wanted to sit and open his presents, he took a real interest in them. He was also made up with the squirrel cake and informed us all that he would blow the candles out when dark.

We went to town and had a coffee juice and birthday cake in the Novel followed by a trip to the car shop, in truth I was amazed that I actually got him out of the house and more importantly out of his pyjamas. So we had a lovely day celebrating Tom’s birthday.