Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Tom has started to watch a cartoon on his IPad called Oggy, it is a series of adventures about a cat and his various friends, all of which are about them getting up to no good, I think this is why Tom loves it.

Anyway Tom does love them and all last week he was fixated upon one episode in particular where Oggy builds a toy train track all around the house, leading from the living room, going into the kitchen then upstairs into the bathroom and bedrooms.

He then places a train on the track and chases it all around the house.

Well you can probably guess what Tom asked can’t you?

He looked up at me, under those incredibly long eyelashes of his and said, ‘can we build train track in house with electric train?’

Well what else could I do but nod and say yes, I did draw a line though about the track going upstairs.

Stephen was very excited about the whole building process and he enlisted my help first thing on Saturday morning, this was at approximately 8 am, with Tom in a supervisory role.

We built the train track in a loop all downstairs and just about had enough track.

Stephen started at one end and I the other.

The boys were so excited and it was just so lovely to see them playing together and watching the electric train move along the track.

Tom also enlisted Andrew as the official ‘sound engineer’ and he had to sit there and make train noises.

Needless to say the train track had to remain in place all day so I had to keep reminding myself that it was there and not to trip over it.

Opening the fridge also proved to be a tricky manoeuvre.

I was happy though, I kept reminding myself that in no time at all there will no longer be trains, cars, cuddly toys, Lego, Angry Birds and action figures littering the floor, they will not be little for long.

So I enjoyed the moment, a magical snapshot in a moment of time.