Jo Worgan column

Jo Worgan.
Jo Worgan.

Tom has recently become very interested in money.

In particular the counting of money, putting money into his money box (not just his own but everyone else’s) and lying down on our bed surrounded by his money, I jest not.

I cannot even remember when this all started as it just seems to have crept up on us gradually.

I just remember reading in his home school book one night that they had been counting money in class, during a maths lesson and that he had been using a cash register. I then twigged on as to where his new love of all things money stemmed from.

It is his routine now to come upstairs before teatime and to count his money. He does so by pouring all of the coins onto our bed and then lying amongst them, sometimes even dropping the money onto himself and then stroking the coins on his face.

Eventually he will grow bored of this and will then start to ‘count’ his money. He always recites the value of the coins before doing so, in ascending numerical order, so he will say, ‘1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coin.’

Then he can begin to put them away, he always says what value they are before putting them away. This is absolutely fascinating to watch and he reminds me of a miserable miser counting all of his wealth. Maybe he will become a mathematician; he can then help me as I am hopeless at adding up.

This is a lovely side to see though, as he is really taking an interest. I think he also likes the sensation of holding them and the fact that they shine. What’s not to like?

Stephen though finds it all hilarious, he always tells me, ‘ mum he’s counting his money again’. The other day there was a bit of an argument as Andrew had given Stephen a few pennies to pop into his own money box and Tom took the money from Stephen and in doing so popped the money into HIS money box.

Although highly amusing Stephen did not see the funny side and I had to promise him that I would give the pennies back to him.

All I will say is that if you plan on visiting us, watch your pockets, your pennies are not safe.