Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Last weekend was quite a strange one as Tom did not want to leave the house.

We usually have a quiet day at home on a Saturday as he needs this to get over the trauma of the week.

However usually on a Sunday he looks forward to going out, it is our little treat going into town for a ‘coffee juice’ but not this Sunday.

He flatly refused to even get dressed.

It all began when I started to hum along to one of his apps on his IPad, it had a really catchy tune, but the problem is he does not like anyone singing in the house.

Only Tom can sing.

So he protested about this and stored up the fact that I had been singing for later use.

Therefore when I asked him to get dressed as we were going into town he said, ‘no you were singing’ then when I told him that I was not singing and that we were going to go out to the Novel Café and have a coffee juice and spongy cake he replied, ‘no we are not allowed’ and ‘it’s too dangerous’.

What he quite meant by this I don’t know.

This just seems to be his stock answer when he doesn’t want to do anything.

So Stephen, Tom and I were on enforced house arrest.

We had a lovely day although Tom was extremely rigid and controlling in his actions and he tried to be with us. However he was firmly told that ‘yes, 
Stephen could go up to his room and play’ and ‘yes Stephen can watch a video’ when he attempted to turn the television off.

I just hope that this behaviour was a one off.

I did feel awful as I could not take Stephen out for his promised hot chocolate but it would have been no fun carrying a kicking and screaming Tom onto the bus.

Where’s the fun in that?

Anyway this week has got off to a good start in that the sun is shining and there were no protests from Tom about going to school, so let’s hope his good mood and the weather continues.