Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Last week we had a rather successful visit to the dentist for both Stephen and Tom. I started preparing Tom for his visit a week before.

I used a visual image of ‘dentist’ on his weekly timetable and I found a Topsy and Tim video on YouTube featuring Mrs Berry the dentist. He asked to watch this every day and I think because of this our visit was successful.

Tom has been to the dentist previously but has only ever managed to sit in the chair. He has never opened his mouth and when he was due to go last year he flat out refused to go anywhere near the building. So the amazement began when he happily popped his coat on and walked to the car.

Tom happily walked into the dental practice and said: “Is this the waiting room?” I told him yes and he calmly held my hand while I signed the boys in. Stephen went first to show Tom what would happen. He had a little chipped tooth and the dentist popped a very small filling into it.

Stephen was very brave and Tom although looking concerned, held my hand and asked what was happening. I told him that the dentist was making Stephen’s tooth better and he seemed to accept this. Stephen told Tom that it was okay and it didn’t hurt.

Then it was time for Tom... I held my breath...

He walked over to the chair and quietly sat down. He then opened his mouth wide as instructed. I was speechless. He sat there while the dentist counted his teeth. I really did feel quite emotional as I never imagined that this day would come. I honestly thought that he would need referring to a specialist dentist.

I was also relieved that there were no holes in his teeth, something that is constantly on my mind due to the fact that we have battles brushing his teeth. Anyway it was suggested that we could try an electric toothbrush to help with this and Tom was open to this suggestion, I think because in the video both Topsy and Tim go and buy toothbrushes after their check-up. So we set off into town to purchase electric toothbrushes for Tom and Stephen.

I most definitely will not be dreading the next dental visit...well at least not as much anyway.