Jo Worgan column

Every Saturday since the Christmas holidays Tom has not wanted to go outside, he wants to stay in the house.

This Saturday Andrew was at work all day so I thought it would be nice to get out and about, before the torrential rain began, but Tom had other plans.

“No it’s too dangerous” he uttered, this seems to now be his stock answer.

He then refused to remove his pyjamas and dressing gown.

So what do I do I thought to myself? Do I make him get dressed and force him out of the door or do we all relax and have a quiet house day.

We didn’t need to go out but I just thought it would be nice to go out for a treat. Anyway stay indoors we did and we actually had a lovely day.

Stephen helped build a train track for Tom and they happily played with this for a bit. The rest of the day was spent reading, drawing and with Stephan pretending to be a Jedi Knight while Tom played on his new favourite CBeebies game, ‘Go Jetters’ and we generally had a relaxing day. Both of the boys seemed tired.

I do though, always feel guilty when we ‘do nothing’ but I suppose that is sometimes what we need to do.

The following day Stephen went to a party and I managed to take Tom out to town for his usual ‘coffee juice’.

I also forget that the boys do not see that much of each other during the week as they are both at school.

So I suppose the weekend is a time for them to catch up and play together.

They invented a new game which was lovely to see. Tom was lying on the couch while Stephen placed all of his cushions and birds on top of him, then after a matter of seconds he jumped up and the cushions and birds went flying everywhere.

They repeated this game, taking it in turns for at least half an hour. It was lovely to see them interacting and having fun. Both boys made me smile on Saturday night though.

Tom told me that it was ‘the best day’ while I was tucking him into bed and after I had watched a DVD with Stephen for his treat night, he told me too that he had a lovely day, “it’s good to do nothing and have a chill mum”.

Wise words indeed, I really should listen to my seven year old more.