Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan

Last Thursday evening I received a phone call from Tom’s school with the heart stopping words, ‘school is closed tomorrow’. Oh no I thought for several reasons.

Firstly I did not know how Tom would react and would Tom be ok with Stephen going to school?

As usual though I shouldn’t have worried. I explained to Tom that he would be having the day off school as the boiler was broken and needed to be fixed, to which he replied, ‘No boiler broken, Hillside open’.

Anyway after much persuasion and bribery that we could go to town and have a ‘coffee juice’ and go and see the ‘naughty man’ he was happy and no more was said.

The following morning I had a happy Tom but I then had the difficulty of getting him out of his pyjamas so that we could walk Stephen to school.

Again the promise of a ‘coffee juice’ and a ride on the big bus persuaded him to get dressed for me.

Then we had the hurdle of getting to school. Tom does not cope very well in large busy crowds due to sensory overload and this was very evident when standing in the school playground.

Tom was adamant that he wanted to go to the playground and hear the bell and see the children, however once there he hesitated before approaching Stephen’s classroom.

Tom stood with his hands over his ears muffling the noise of all the children.

He did this until we exited the school. However this was Tom coping in his own way, he did this himself.

When we were last at school he found it incredibly difficult and was barging into people. Therefore this was 
a huge achievement for Tom.

Anyway we had a lovely day in town doing all the usual Tom things. He was made up to visit the naughty man at the museum as we have not been for a while, but as usual he walked the same route through the corridors, some things never change.

He really enjoyed the bus ride there and back as he sat upstairs which is where he loves to sit.

That afternoon we had a happy Tom picking Stephen up from school, we did go to the school office though. Even though we had a lovely day I was glad that school reopened on Monday.