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Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
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Well after the trauma and stress of going back to school last week we enjoyed a relatively peaceful and stress free weekend.

It is a time for the boys to relax, be themselves and to have fun.

To be honest it is also a time for me to de stress.

On Sunday we went to Turbary Woods Owl and Bird of Prey Sanctuary in Preston.

Tom at first refused to go and would not get dressed declaring it was ‘too cold’ and that ‘we are not allowed’ to go.

Once his pyjamas were finally removed he then refused to put his clothes on saying that he was having a ‘chill’.

Although frustrated by his actions I could also see the funny side and fortunately in the end amongst his many tears we managed to get him dressed and safely bundled into the car, Andrew had been ‘Googling’ in a bid to find local attractions that we had not yet ventured to when he stumbled across the website.

The boys love birds and wildlife, Tom particularly loves owls so we thought we would give it a whirl. And we are so glad that we did. The centre is a non-profit organisation and is staffed by volunteers.

On our arrival there we saw that the volunteers were out in the open doing a spot of falconry.

Tom was fascinated as was Stephen and kept saying. ‘Can I hold them?’

As we got closer a friendly member of staff approached us and asked if the boys wanted a turn, and so they did.

Both were very excited and Tom was squealing with joy when the bird landed on his arm, they were both absolute stars.

We then walked around the sanctuary with the boys looking at all of the various owls and other birds there.

Tom was absolutely fascinated by the brown wood owl, which he called ‘the blinking owls’ as they were blinking at him, he seemed to be completely mesmerised by them, whether this is because they are quite simplistic in their features with huge eyes and movements, which are almost robotic, I do not know.

We must have spent roughly an hour there and I have to say it was an hour well spent.

I felt very calm and relaxed there, I think because all of the volunteers there were also relaxed. We shall definitely be visiting again