Jo Woran column: Looking forward to very bright future indeed

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
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I am sitting writing this week’s column in the Novel Cafe, Lancaster. I am sipping a cappuccino and the boys are playing happily with all of the toys, mainly cars and a pirate ship.

We have had a lovely quiet weekend and I had a ‘trip out’ to Sainsbury’s in Morecambe on Saturday as I was helping with bag packing for Unique Kidz and Co.

Tom attends their holiday club so it was nice that I could support them in this small way.

They need to raise £200,000 for their new Centre of Excellence which will open next April so there will be many more fundraising activities happening.

It has to be said I feel a little sad today. Andrew is back at school and this is my last day with both boys as Stephen returns to school tomorrow. I don’t want to give him back.

However life must go on and ‘reality’ will resume. I should hopefully, with fingers and toes crossed, have a relatively quiet week with Tom.

He does not go back to school until September 9. I usually find that when it is just the two of us he is relatively relaxed.

He may though be unsettled and anxious because Stephen will have returned to school but we shall wait and see.

To be honest I cannot wait to get back into the school routine although I shall miss them both. We desperately need routine back in our lives and this school year I feel will be an exciting one.

I now find myself looking back at this time last year and I was filled with endless worry about Tom starting in a mainstream school. Even though he had one-to-one support, I just knew in my heart he would not cope there.

This year though I am filled with hope and excitement for Tom.

I am a little anxious about his return to school after a six-week break but he will soon settle back as he is with professionals who know and understand him.

The future is very bright indeed.

So although I do feel a little sad I shall shake it off and continue to have a fun day with my boys.

Once I can prise them away from the toys that is.