Jane Binnion column: Easter Sunday

Jane Binnion
Jane Binnion

I’m typing this on Easter Sunday, a day that has been more hot lemon and honey than chocolate eggs.

Slowing down for the holidays led to the inevitable catching of the latest virus doing the rounds.

To be honest it’s been good to have the time to be ill, as that’s a big issue for those of us that are self-employed.

Luckily losing my voice didn’t stop everything and I was still able to get important stuff done from my bed via texting, social media and email.

I did however discover that Facebook messaging is a really rubbish way of holding a planning meeting!

Being ill was my excuse to not watch the leader debate on Thursday night.

But I enjoyed seeing people’s comments on social media the next day.

The general conclusion seems to be divided between:

1.None of them are up to it and:

2. The three women should form a coalition.

Which then of course inspired me to watch it on catch-up TV.

Last week I fell into the trap that I warn people about all the time.

People are rightly concerned that relying on 
digital communication means we are losing the ability to spell and use grammar well.

Anyone who uses a smart phone or an iPad, will have experienced the often amusing, and sometimes embarrassing, changes the auto-speller makes to our words and semtences.

My name gets corrected all the time.

We absolutely have to check and double check material because, more than ever, things get sent to print with some crazy (and expensive) mistakes due to trusting auto-correct.

And this is exactly what happened to me last week

It was late at night when I finished my column and as there were no red lines under my words I thought I was safe to press go.

Luckily I can confirm that our esteemed editor is very thorough and I was asked the meaning of a word – that I’d totally made up.

I had done such a good job of making it up that even spell checker was convinced!

Have a great week and keep extra safe on line as the conmen that claim to be from Microsoft are doing the rounds again.

If they call you just tell them you don’t have a computer.