Jane Binnion column

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

Last week when it was announced that Facebook had a record quarterly turnover and $1.5bn profit for 2013, a client called to ask how they were making that kind of money.

It’s all about the advertising. I’ve written before about how Facebook adverts are actually rather good for smaller organisations, as we can target really well, plus they are so much cheaper than Google ads.

Then on Thursday it hit the news that the Conservative Party are spending around £100,000 per month on Facebook campaigns, including supporting local candidates in by-elections.

It’s estimated that they’re spending around £1 million a year on Facebook adverts.

Labour’s are also using them and spending around £10,000 per month.

Facebook is certainly a good way to get your message out there and, as predicted, social media is the new media for election campaigns, which means the winner will be.... Facebook , especially if they don’t pay any UK tax again this year.

As for me, I’ve just come back from a fantastic hen weekend in rural Shrewsbury.

There was no mobile phone network available, but absolutely brilliant broadband speed, enough for 14 of us to be checking in with our loved ones, or watching Netflix, all at the same time.

The weekend peaked when young Gareth found he was missing his love and face-timed her. Being a tad tipsy he decided to serenade her. Hearing his version of Aerosmith’s I don’t want to miss a thing’, the whole room spontaneously erupted.

The vision of this lovely, one dimensional Welshman being passed around the room on an iPad as we all sang along, will stay with me for a very long time.

Back to reality, I got home to a message that half of Galgate’s new broadband cabinets won’t be connected, meaning that it looks as if me and my neighbours are amongst the 45,000 Lancashire homes that won’t be superfast any time soon.

The challenge now is for me to find out if this is true.

The irony is that whilst internet is creating a more transparent world, trying to get information from those meant to be connecting us is not unlike herding cats. Watch this space.