Jane Binnion column

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

I was very excited to see my very first selfie stick in action in Williamson Park.

The selfie stick, which is a long stick that has you on one end and your phone on the other, is essentially an arm extension enabling us to take group selfies.

It was set to be big on everyone’s Christmas list, but I don’t know a single person that has one.

My understanding is that mostly they are a good thing for tourists, which was confirmed for me today as I watched the couple concerned do a pretty good job of getting themselves and the Ashton Memorial in shot.

The other gadget that was meant to take the world by storm – and didn’t – was Google Glass, the first wearable, voice activated, computer, that looked a bit like a pair of glasses.

Put on the market in 2013 at £1000 a time, they were taken off again on January 19.

I think the bottom line was that no one had any use for them, plus you look a bit of a wally when you’re wearing them.

However, Google announced that they were going back to the drawing board and are now working on Google Glass 2.

I can hardly wait.

Rather shocking news is that last week the technology giant Apple announced that they had made a staggering £11.8 billion profit in the last quarter.

This is reportedly the biggest ever quarterly profit made by a public company and is due mainly to their record iphone sales.

They have a massive cult following who just have to buy the new model every year.

Apparently sales of iPads dropped by 22 per cent, which does surprise me as I think they are so user friendly.

My lovely, self confessed tech-phobic friend, Jan, was 70 in December and she got an iPad for her birthday.

She is totally loving it as, being a music fan, she has discovered the joy of Spotify and iTunes.

Personally I think the drop in sales is just because someone accidentally designed them to last longer than a year.

Whatever you’re playing with this week, stay safe online.