Jane Binnion column

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

Like most people who rely on computers for their work I have a real love-hate relationship with new technology.

For example, there seems to be a direct correlation between the faster things work and the more frustrated we get when they run a little bit slower than usual.

I have to really remind myself sometimes that what is happening is amazing and I need to learn patience.

I’ve been having a website melt down this month.

It seems that before Christmas my website caught a nasty virus and despite cleaning it up regularly this virus just won’t go away.

I rely on a web company to look after my site and it’s pretty fair to say that both of us are seriously cheesed off with this now.

But what do we do?

In asking around I’m hearing of lots of businesses having similar problems, but what is really frustrating them is that we are left feeling disempowered and blinded by the tech speak.

I remember that I used to feel that way when I took my car to a mechanic.

I had no idea what the guy’s words meant and he could have charged me anything for flicking a switch for all I knew.

Over time I of course have learnt more, but also good garage owners (and we have a brilliant one in Galgate) have learnt to use the customer’s language when explaining things.

The same will happen with web designers as we move away from those who won’t speak human.

The love side has been that I thank my lucky stars every day that I do not have to use a type writer to write my book and that I don’t have to photocopy and post each section to the proof-reader.

I’m pretty sure there would be no book at all if I didn’t have a PC.

And the fun side this week is that there was a picture of me as a teenager in the national press on Saturday.

In it I’m sitting with a young man whose name I didn’t know.

It would be so great to find him.

He could be anywhere in the world, but with social media in most people’s lives, it is actually possible. Let’s see.