Jane Binnion column

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

As normal life resumes, with work and school holidays over, I’ve been looking at what to expect from the digital world in 2015.

Mobile devices; smart phones and ipads, are now becoming dominant in our world.

Over two thirds of the UK population own a smart phone and the average person spends about three hours a day on a mobile device.

TV still wins, with an average daily viewing of four hours, but we watch TV differently now with many of us choosing to skip the adverts.

This change in behaviour will have a big impact on advertising, but also the whole working 9 to 5 thing is under review as so many of us are able to work more flexibly.

In terms of ‘getting your message out there’, it looks like podcasting, or audio blogging, is it.

Whilst there’s just a quarter of a million podcasts, compared to four million hours of videos uploaded to Youtube each month, there’s a lot more interest being shown here.

Not only is podcasting good for those of us with ‘a face for radio’, but it’s great for all of us with not enough hours in the day, as we can listen on the go.

The word on the street is that Apple and Google are signing deals to get their systems, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, into new cars this year, which will bring podcasts to a bigger audience.

So I’d better think about putting some of my training material out as podcasts as well as on YouTube.

If podcasts are new to you, check out audioboom.com.

I’m also expecting JOMO to catch on this year.

For the last few years Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) has dominated, meaning people have felt a need to be attached to their mobile phone etc 24/7.

This had to level out and we’re now starting to take on board what our grans told us “if it’s important they’ll call back!”

And that is JOMO, the Joy of Missing Out.

We can expect to see more deliberate WiFi free areas and more people taking digi-free days.

So here’s to a year of more face to face conversations and rebooted brains.

Have a great week and stay safe online.