Jane Binnion column

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

Whoop, it’s Christmas. So I thought I’d get into the spirit with a little old fashioned Christmas quiz to check just how addicted you are to the digital world.

1. How soon do you check your phone in the morning?

A. I reach for my phone before my eyes are open

B. I check it while waiting for the kettle to boil

C. I try to remember to check for messages some time during the day

2. How often do you check Facebook ?

A. At least every 10 minutes

B. Every brew break

C. What’s Facebook?

3. You’re out having a great time, do you...

A. Post every detail on Facebook as it happens

B. Take selfies to share later

C. Enjoy yourself so much you totally forgot you have a phone

4.You’re watching your favourite film do you..

C. Snap screen shots of the best bits

B. Leave your phone on vibrate and check it surreptitiously

C. Always turn your phone off so you’re not disturbed.

5. Your favourite way to chat with your friends is

A. Snapchat or Facebook

B. Texting

C. Face to face over a coffee / a beer

6. You’re doing a crossword and you’re unsure about a spelling. Do you...

A. What’s a crossword?

B. Google it

C. Reach for the dictionary

7. You use the phone mostly for

A. Taking selfies

B. Checking your emails

C. Calling people

Mostly As: I think it’s time to consider rehab’ don’t you?

Mostly Bs: You’re well into the digi world. Don’t forget to take some digi free time this Christmas.

Mostly Cs: Congratulations, the digi world has pretty much passed you by hasn’t it.

Have a great Christmas and stay safe on-line