Jane Binnion column

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

Last week I made a very surprising discovery, and that is... I’m a procrastinator.

I didn’t know that about myself. Normally I’m pretty focussed.

I write a list and work through it, but it seems that faced with a large piece of writing I can turn into the procrastinating queen.

I’m just writing a book, in fact it’s 90 per cent written, but now I’m at the tidying up stage I’m totally into avoidance.

If I think back to the last time I had a really big piece of writing to do I realise that I did a similar thing.

The difference is that then I ended up with a very clean house as I found that I had very important hoovering and tidying to do.

Sadly that isn’t the case now, and my house is as neglected as my book.

This time my avoidance is being fed by social media.

I spent so long browsing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as a distraction that I actually got bored as people weren’t updating their statuses fast enough for me.

My one saving grace is that I did stay off Youtube.

It would never occur to me to put the TV on during the day, but because it’s on the computer I con myself that I’m working.

I finally understand that those who are prone to procrastination can spend a whole day doing nothing 
but browsing.

A guy I know who is 
similarly self-employed has had to put a lock on the social media sites so that he can only view them at certain times a day.

I, wrongly, thought I was more disciplined that that.

So now to ensure that my writing is finished before the end of term I’ve booked a room with no wifi and no mobile reception.

To reward my good 
thinking, on Friday we went to see The Imitation Game.

The story of Alan Turing and the Bletchley Park Code crackers.

It’s a brilliant film about the little known life of the man who, in the 1930s, had 
a vision of digital intelligence.

To crack the Enigma 
code he built Christopher, 
or the Turing Machine - now known as a computer.

I for one am most 
grateful, but I can’t help wondering what he would think about Facebook.

The Imitation Game is based on the real life story of Alan Turing.