Jane Binnion column

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

The twitter boo- boo of the week award must surely go to Emily Thornberry, a Labour front bencher who, whilst in Rochester for the by-election, tweeted a photograph of a house with three St George Cross flags and a white van outside captioned ‘Image from #Rochester’.

She was later forced to resign for being ‘disrespectful’ and this has raised a fair few issues.

There’s been an interesting response on social media.

Whilst people love to share the faux pas of the rich and famous, many are saying this is an over-reaction.

When it comes to MPs it’s always interesting to see who is sacked for what.

I can’t help thinking that if every MP who was ever disrespectful to the British public was sacked there wouldn’t be many of them left.

The issue here of course is that Emily tweeted her thoughts rather than just talking with her mates in the Commons bar.

It was maybe a foolish thing to do, but what hasn’t been reported is that this tweet was one of a series of tweets captioned tales/images of Rochester that she shared whilst travelling around in the midst of an important by-election.

Maybe she was being disrespectful, I don’t know, but her downfall has come because it caused embarrassment to Ed Milliband.

Back here in Lancaster it’s a good warning for managers to think about their responsibility for ensuring staff understand what is and is not ok to share on social media.

Christmas is not so far off which means office parties, too much alcohol and as everyone has a mobile phone that’s a recipe for lots of drunken, embarrassing tweets.

If managers do not take the time to provide staff with training on the Dos and Don’ts of social media, this party season could well see a lot more people being sacked.

Sacking someone for embarrassing the organisation when they weren’t made aware is the fast track to very costly tribunals.

Get some help and advice to make sure your staff keep safe this party season and give me a call if you want to discuss it.