Jane Binnion column

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

At least three times a week business owners say to me “I’m not interested in Facebook, I don’t want to know what people have had for their tea.”

Which is a fair point as not many of us do - well not unless they’ve saved me some.

But sadly that means that they are missing out on so much too.

About three weeks ago, with a vague awareness that I had a birthday coming up, I was excited to see on the Ellel Players Facebook page that they were hosting a Cedligh (barn dance) in Galgate.

I love Cedlighs, they are such a laugh, so a few of us went along as my birthday bash and we were not disappointed.

Then they went one step further. When we were all sitting there Saturday night not knowing what to do as Dr Who has finished, up pops a two minute video of us all dancing. Brilliant.

We now all have a fabulous memento of a great night out.

I’ve seen some other really inspiring posts on Facebook recently too.

Firstly I saw that a dry cleaners in Kent was offering a free dry cleaning service to anyone that showed them evidence that they had a job interview.

The second came via comedian Jason Manford.

His friend Justin Moorhouse had posted about people who have to use food banks and how tough it is for parents knowing that they can’t give their children much this Christmas.

He and his friends are encouraging people to go out and buy Advent Calendars.

The idea being that the last thing skint parents who had to go to food banks would be doing is buying an Advent Calendar.

An Advent Calendar has always represented the countdown to Christmas in my home, so I shared the post, as did others, and I’m chuffed to see advent calendars in the food bank collection boxes in local supermarkets.

Obviously it doesn’t have to be an Advent Calendar, but making a special little donation to the food bank this time of year is such a simple idea that can make a big difference to a family.

If you put ‪#‎adventcalendar2014‬ in the search bar for twitter or Facebook you will see the results of this campaign around the country.