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Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.
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So another lovely half term holiday over and we were so ready for it.

Here at Binnion Towers we’ve all been working flat out for the last six weeks and the various bugs going round have had their wicked way with us.

So we borrowed the campervan again and headed up to blustery Wasdale for a much needed break – and it was just wonderful.

I haven’t been there for 10 years and very little has changed, mostly as a result of the sign in the pub that says “No we don’t have Wi-Fi, talk to each other”.

I talk a lot about taking time out from being online and this absolutely confirmed the importance of that for me.

Just 48 hours of fresh air, walking, reading, good food (and a little beer) and no mobile phone or iPad and I was fully recharged.

And then I had another realisation the night before Halloween.

I had a blog I wanted to post and decided to put it on my website before I went to bed, which is actually the best time to get good broadband connection here in Galgate to be honest.

Now I’m no night owl, but I found myself wide awake working on-line until 1am.

If I‘d read a book that time of night I would have passed out before I’d finished the first page, but I went to bed completely unable to sleep.

This really reinforced for me that it’s not good to be using digital devices just before bedtime, but we are increasingly doing so.

As a little experiment, if you or your family members aren’t sleeping well, try turning off your mobile phone, iPad and computer an hour before bed and see if that helps.

The funniest digi story I heard this week was about the digi world meeting the spirit world.

Friends of ours hadn’t been able to get a pumpkin for Halloween, so they found a picture of a pumpkin lantern on their iPad and put that in the window.

And to think we used to carve out turnips when I were a lass.

Have a great week and stay safe online.