Jane Binnion column

Jane Binnion from Lancaster, social media trainer.
Jane Binnion from Lancaster, social media trainer.

Despite being happily lulled back into summer mode, I had a sharp reminder that the nights are drawing in last weekend.

I went out for a sun-downer with my friend Anne, only to realise we were two hours too late and we ended up sitting in the Plough’s beer garden in the pitch black.

My other realisation this week was that with the longer evenings, I was sitting checking social media on my ipad - because I was bored.

We don’t watch a lot of TV here at Binnion towers, but we do like to end the day by chilling together on the sofa with a good TV drama.

However, I’ve noticed that we’ve been sitting there with an iPad each because, despite having 300 TV channels, more often than not but there’s nothing on to keep us engaged.

But I don’t like that, not least because the information overload means I don’t sleep as well.

Rather than winding down before bed, my brain is buzzing.

Also, I try to have a clear work/home split because it’s all too easy for those boundaries to be blurred now, and as social media is my business I need to switch off.

I do like to check in on Facebook to catch up on peoples’ news and two evenings a week I go on Twitter to take part in #LancasterHour on Tuesday, and #Lancashirehour on Thursday, because these are good and friendly networking hours. But that should leave five digi free evenings.

Noticing what I was drifting into, I tried to remember what on earth I did on autumn evenings in the pre-ipad days. It’s just been so easy to pick it up and waste an hour browsing I could hardly remember, but then I spotted my latch hook ladybird kit that had sat under my coffee table for the last three years.

Now to me these crafts are as confusing as the digi-world is to some of you, and I felt so chuffed about learning a new skill that, of course, I took a photo of the completed ladybird and put it on Facebook.

There’s definitely a movement to go back to a simpler life and revive traditional skills. To have that sitting alongside all the benefits of the digi-world is something that I find really exciting.

So next I’m going make rose hip syrup and dig out some of those books made of paper that I’ve been meaning to read.