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Jane Binnion from Lancaster, social media trainer.
Jane Binnion from Lancaster, social media trainer.
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On getting back from my holiday I think it would be fair to say that I was ready to turn that camper van straight back around and head off again when I found that my welcome home was uber-slow broadband, my computer overheating, website problems and my email account returning emails back to sender.

But then I heard about poor old Greggs and possibly the best business related social media good news story in a while.

The biggest worry for so many companies is getting their social media account hacked, or someone saying something bad about them online. So Neil Knowles, who manages the Greggs twitter account @GreggstheBakers, needs a gold star and a pay rise in my opinion, for how he handled this particular crisis.

The story is that someone put a spoof Greggs logo online - with a somewhat unflattering strapline, and, unfortunately, that spoof logo came up whenever anyone put “Greggs” into the search engine.

This very soon went viral as it got shared online over and over again.

But Greggs didn’t hide away. They used social media to keep everyone in the loop, replying to thousands of tweets by people telling them about it, and they even publicly bantered with Google to get them on board to fix it, with the promise of a tray of doughnuts.

Greggs got a lot of support and Google got involved pretty quickly. By 4pm that day it was all fixed, but that wasn’t the end of it for Greggs. Neil went one step further and asked Google to do their next day’s daily doodle in sausage rolls. Sadly Google didn’t.

During that day Greggs had tweeted: “All publicity is good publicity? That’s what they say isn’t it? *weeps alone in a corner*”

And it turned out to be true. The whole event ended up getting Greggs considerable attention on twitter, lots of support and plenty of national press coverage with headlines like “Greggs Google fail: Was the bakery’s response to its logo mishap a stroke of marketing genius?”

This company is 75 years old and embracing the new media has absolutely paid off for them because how we deal with a crisis says a lot about us, and this company now has gone up in a lot of people’s estimation. So well done Greggs.