Jake the Dog column

Jake the Dog.
Jake the Dog.

Hello - Jake the Dog here.

I have been going into the office with Legal Seagull once a week or so and though he thinks I’ve been sleeping most of the time, I have been picking up some legal morsels which I thought I should pass on to others of a canine disposition.

Apparently some new law about dogs came into force in October.

It means for the first time police and local authorities can demand dog owners take action to prevent a dog attack, or else risk a fine of up to £20,000.

You can buy a lot of dry biscuits and chew sticks for that kind of money so best to stay on the right side of the law I would say.

It seems the new laws mean if a complaint is made about a dog to the council or police the owner could be ordered to do one or all of:

*Attend dog training classes

*Muzzle the dog

*Keep it on a lead in public

*Get the dog micro-chipped or neutered

*Repair fencing to keep a dog from leaving private property.

Out of those options the fence one is my least worst.

As before anyone can report a dog or it’s owner to the police.

You can also report a dangerous dog to the council and likewise dog fouling.

It’s not a nice topic but we can’t avoid dog fouling.

Legal Seagull does not leave home without a disposable plastic bag with which to scoop, but not all owners are of a like mind.

However, if you don’t clean up you can be given an on the spot fine of up to £80.00 and if you refuse to pay you could be taken to court and fined up to £1,000.

An exception to this is of course my guide dog friends.

Registered blind dog owners can’t be fined for dog fouling.