In a spin over wind turbines

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Most of us had a windmill as a child, usually planted firmly in the sandpit or the beach and sometimes adorning a flowerpot.

But now turbines are a feature of our larger landscape, stark reminders that our greedy society can’t live without energy – and representing the hunt for a greener solution.

The irony is implicit – we want greener energy but in our desperate flailing around for a solution that can please our environmental conscience AND our increasing demand, we build something that immediately comes under fire for the impact it makes on the environment.

But love them or loathe them, wind turbines are here to stay. While we are still heavily reliant on fossil fuels, shipped in on huge ships from across the world, we are in no position to argue with innovation that could help us survive as the island nation we are.

Nobody wants a wind turbine on their doorstep, particularly if you have made an effort to live somewhere green and leafy.

But they look alright in the distance, in somebody else’s neighbourhood.

This is not a win win situation but while we remain a power-hungry, energy gobbling society we need to keep an open mind.

There is absolutely no use complaining while sitting drinking a brew in our centrally heated homes...