I’m always keen to pay visit to local businesses

David Morris MP
David Morris MP

You may be aware that I presented a Bill to the House of Commons, which is designed to define British Gibraltar’s territorial waters. The Bill unanimously passed through the House of Commons for its first reading.

There are UN Treaties that talk generally about sovereign waters however, my Bill will be very specific in defining Gibraltar’s territorial waters. The Bill receives its second reading at the end of February and it is incredibly relevant at the moment particularly as a Spanish ship was asked to leave Gibraltar’s waters yesterday.

James Wharton’s EU 
Referendum Bill will be back in the House of Commons on Friday. I will be attending the debates and if the Bill passes the Parliamentary process, which I hope it does, it will give us a referendum. We will all have the option to say if we would or would not like to be in Europe. I have been working on the Bill with James and will continue to do so.

Congratulations to local company DST who celebrated their anniversary over the weekend. I was pleased to be able to attend their celebrations. DST export all over the world and do a lot of business in China and Dubai. As a result, they employ a significant amount of people in my Morecambe and Lunesdale constituency.

I am always very interested to visit local businesses to have a look around and to learn a little bit about what they do. Please do contact my office if you’d like me to come and visit.

My next farmers’ forum will take place in December and top of the agenda will be the issue of Bovine TB. If you are a constituent and you would like to attend the farmers’ forum, please contact your local NFU representative for further details.

My next advice surgery is on Friday December 6 at Tesco in Carnforth. If you need my help contact my office on 01524 841225.

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