Highlight of day was trek up hill to see lighthouse

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Well after a somewhat disastrous end of week for Tom, he was poorly and therefore off school on Friday, the weekend began relatively quietly.

However, after a Saturday recuperating at home, although to be honest by Saturday afternoon Tom was back to his usual happy and bouncy self, we decided to go out somewhere new on Sunday.

Andrew looked for nature trails via the internet and found a nature trail and natural playground at Ford Park in Ulverston, so we thought, why not try it out?

I knew that after two days being cooped up in the house that Tom would be eager to burn some energy off, and I was right.

As soon as we got to the park Tom couldn’t wait to get out of the car and he ran with Stephen over towards the play area. There was a huge zip wire, swing seat, and climbing frame but more importantly, there was space to run in and that is what he needed.

Anyway, after both boys had burnt off energy we decided to explore the park and found a short trail, nature pond and garden nursery with adjoining cafe.

Tom didn’t want to go inside the café but I grabbed a takeaway coffee and we will try and go for a drink inside next time.

I think that the highlight for both boys was the trek up the hill to see the lighthouse.

Tom coped really well with the walk up the winding path and he held tightly onto my hand, and then Andrew’s, he was so eager to get to the top. He couldn’t quite understand why he couldn’t go inside the lighthouse, as it was closed, but when we showed him the locked gates, he was okay about it.

What confused me was his reaction about not wanting to go back down; he wanted to stay as it was ‘too dangerous.’

I thought that this was because he wanted to stay and look at the sheep that were milling around, similar to his sheep in his Minecraft world, but the real reason was that he was frightened of falling. While walking down the steep hill, after much persuasion, he kept saying “don’t fall dad, don’t fall everyone,” so that was the real reason. He didn’t want us to get hurt.