Halewood-dodd column: 50th birthday

John Halewood Dodd
John Halewood Dodd

This Summer sees a significant milestone in my life as I reach my 50th birthday in July.

Invitations to celebrate similar “achievements” have been rolling in from my fellow quinquagenarians to be.

These have led to me contemplating what I should do, if anything,when my birthday arrives.

I have received invitations to some quite extravagant celebrations.

Meanwhile others are letting their 50th birthday pass with little more than a whimper.

I have been invited on a beer tasting trip to Belgium. No fewer than three golf trips to Spain, Portugal and even Thailand.

(I didn’t know they did golfing trips to Thailand!)

I have been asked to go to such diverse destinations as Blackpool, Scarborough, and even a week long “rave up” in Las Vegas.

However, I am most enthusiastic about one of my old schoolmates from Carlisle whose wife has arranged a Punk Rock weekend with as many of his favourite bands as she can muster agreeing to play.

Given that “Punk” was in its heyday in the late 1970’s I would hate to guess the age of some of these former wild men, and women, of the most anarchic type of rock ever known.

The traditional Pogo dance could potentially lead to some serious injuries.

Another, and much more sedate option is the weekend rambling in North Wales that one of my university mates is planning.

That said, it would just about sum up my luck of late to come through the Punk weekend completely unscathed only to injure myself slipping on sheep dung in Snowdonia.

Potentially, there are loads of different ways to celebrate bringing up half a century, and these are just a sample of the various invites that I’ve been fortunate enough to receive.

I’ve toyed with a number of things that I could do for my own birthday and feel it might be safer, and cheaper, to go for an altogether quieter affair.

After all, I am getting on a bit now.

We’ll see. I’ve got a few months to decide upon what to do yet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.