Guardian comment: Trying to see the wood for the trees

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We all love trees – what’s not to love?

And there is absolutely no disputing the value and necessity of preserving the most glorious of the species for future generations.

But you can’t help but feel for the unfortunate residents who have been left very much in the shadow of these giants of the natural world – in every possible sense .

Tree preservation orders are essential and placed for the best of reasons.

The problem is – trees grow. And when they are growing near somebody’s house they can become a menace, leaving residents fearful that a windy night will see windows smashed, that branches will fall on playing children and leaving homes cast into darkness.

But if the residents cut off a branch they face a fine. Surely common sense must prevail with public safety at risk?

Confirmation (of the worst-kept secret ) that high street cosmetic chain Lush is backing the campaign against the M6 link road financially is interesting and adds weight to the David and Goliath-style battle currently underway about the project.

It seemed unlikely that the anti-bypass lobby would register another appeal – but they have.

So the bulldozers remain quiet as we watch this space with fascination.