Guardian Comment: The great Lancaster development debate


I think its safe to say that the Lancaster Council has found itself betweena rock and a hard place on the thorny issue of housing.

But it is far too big an issue for them to discuss alone, which is why it has been thrown wide open to the public with a comprehensive series of consultations.

These discussions will shape the future, the physical and emotional environment of our district for generations to come. To say it is important is a massive understatement. Doing nothing is not an option - that much is clear.

With populations booming and economic recovery on the way, demand outweighs supply and people must be housed.

Whether we build a new town, extend the city or scatter new housing developments across the district, it is important we go back to basics before even contemplating anything that could have serious environmental detriment.

It is crucial that empty homes are brought back into use where possible .

Of course that isn’t as easy as it sounds and it is not as attractive to developers looking to take advantage of the slowly rapidly improving housing market.

There are many issues to take into consideration. But now is the time to have your say and make your voice heard on the issue. Speak now.