Guardian Comment: The anguish of Ebrahim

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Latest news.

It is very hard for us, sitting in our comfy chairs and without access to the absolute nitty gritty of the escalating situation in Syria, to fully comprehend what is going on over there.

The political situation is a quagmire and pretty hard to understand for even the hardened world-watcher. Unlike a Hollywood feature film, there is not just a goody and a baddy but a plethora of warring factions, all with their own reasons for putting up a fight.

The British Government has voted not to intervene, a decision based presumably on top secret intelligence or if not a reluctance to intervene on a situation that is not yet entirely clear.

But what is easy to understand is the anger of a young man in this city, trying to understand why no action has yet been taken.

When your 18-year-old cousin has died in a gunfight and other members of your family battling just to live their lives in basic, unsanitary conditions in a refugee camp, it is difficult to fathom why human beings would let other human beings do this.

But would intervention just make things worse? This is the question currently facing Barack Obama – and the rest of the world.

The situation cannot be ignored but the actions and decisions made in the next few days and weeks will literally determine the path of war and peace for the next few decades.