Guardian Comment: Sick to stomach over care home abuse

Hillcroft Nursing Home, Throstle Grove, Slyne wth Hest.
Hillcroft Nursing Home, Throstle Grove, Slyne wth Hest.

The actions of those carrers responsible for the callous abuse of elderly residents for their own amusement make you sick to the stomach.

There is no doubt that these are the minority andthat most people who care for others do so with the greatest of empathy. In fact it was staff members at Hillcroft Care Home who felt they had to turn whistleblower at the culture of cruelty developing among their three colleagues.

Now, as the court case sees them guilty as charged, it is time for the families of those treated with such disrespect to come to terms with what has happened. Especially tough when that parent or relative has since passed, meaning the time for counselling, for a hug, has gone.

This is particularly tough when the cruelty occurred in what relatives had rightly thought to be a place of safety, where elderly people - many with dementia - would be looked after and not allowed to come to harm. Instead the victims suffered physical abuse because, as the court heard, the staff were ‘bored.’

Today, as one distraught son tells his emotive story and says thankyou to the whistleblowers who lifted the lid on the horror, our hearts go out the victims and their families. (see p3, 12 & 13)