Guardian Comment: Parents are right to fight to save school

Skerton High School
Skerton High School
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So Lancashire County Council is thinking of closing another school in the Lancaster district.

Skerton High School could well go the way of Hornby High School if education chiefs have their way.

But parents aren’t going to stand for this.

And rightly so.

Teaching standards and low pupil numbers have been suggested as reasons for closure.

But surely it is up to the county council and the school to work to raise the standards back up to a reasonable level. The choice of schools for parents in the city of Lancaster is complex and somewhat unusual – two grammars, two faith schools and two comprehensives. If Skerton goes it will leave just one comprehensive. The only other choice would be for parents to send their children out of the area.

In recent years many parents have opted to send their children to Skerton High because it caters well for pupils with special educational needs.

Historically, it has also made special provision for children from the travelling community.

Understandably, parents are worried about how their children will be educated and where they will have to travel to if the school is closed down.

The county council must take heed of what parents are demanding and act in the best interests of the children.