Guardian Comment: On yer bike, next mayor tells critics

Jon Barry.
Jon Barry.

You can’t help but feel for Lancaster’s mayor-elect Jon Barry, being given considerable stick for his sartorial choices and practical approach to style.

Being a Green councillor, you would have to expect he would rile at concepts including a fuel-consuming mayoral car when he has so far been quite happy commuting to council meetings and meetings on his environmentally-friendly push bike.

And it leads on from there that a suit and ceremonial gold chains might not be quite the thing on the busy cycle route between Lancaster and Morecambe as he conducts his civic duties. Of course he will have pull his trousers out of his socks a little to represent the council during his mayoral year ( assuming he is re-elected as councillor before then).

He is representing the council and will be attending numerous smart events where a fleece and trainers will not impress the public who will generally dress up to meet him and fully expect ceremonial grandeur - including the chains he is loathe to don. Jon’s concept of a bike trailer badged ‘Lancaster mayor’ is novel but not completely ridiculous - but may be impractical if he is representing our fair city somewhere down the M6, or even further afield. But if it comes at a saving to the taxpayer that is all good.

Lets hope the revamp at the Ashton Memorial does not significantly impact the busy rota of weddings planned this this year. It is hard enough making a wedding day perfect withot having to edit scaffolding from your photos.

So, as its Valentine’s Day this week, we are wishing happiness to all the happy couple who have chosen this iconic location to be wed. They just deserved a bit more warning.