Guardian Comment: Life is too short

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It is hard to equate the true enormity of Nelson Mandela’s achievements in battling for racial equality with the world we live in today.

A man who fought for basic rights - like education and food, for his people, is rightly being celebrated in death. But the frightening reality is that few of those expressing regret via today’s variety of social media, could explain exactly what he did achieve.

Yet the work he undertook, the moral and very human fight - is the very reason that any person, of any colour, or any race, can express themselves today.

His huge influence did not just impact Africa but the whole world.

His message was not about colour but about humanity and the way people treat each other. at the very basic of levels. Something we should perhaps think about when we interact with each other on a daily basis. Life is too short after all.

So with Twitter and Facebook filled with vacuous comments on his passing and criticisms of each others comments, with the PM and Obama taking a press beating for taking a ‘selfie’ photo at a memorial do wonder.

Mr Mandela was not on Twitter (his foundation is) but I’m sure if he had been, his hashtag would have been #peace