Guardian Comment: If we can fly to Mars we can harness tide


In a week where a list of British citizens shortlisted for a trip to Mars was published (you don’t get to come back) the vision of a barrage across Morecambe Bay to harness tidal energy hardly seems unobtainable.

In many ways the idea (I would stop short of using the word proposal at this stage) makes complete sense. It is just one strand of a discussion about ways to harness the not inconsiderable natural energy in the bay - a tidal lagoon could also help with flood protection and have tourist benefits.

At this stage the concepts are just that - concepts - and there are many discussions and debates ahead.

Not to mention that little thorny issue of funding. But the seed is planted and hopefully these ideas will remain on the table.

EDF Energy, which runs Heysham Power Stations, already operates a tidal barrage in Brittany, France, which produces enough power for 225,000 homes and has a lifespan of 125 years.

A £1bn tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay, which would be the first of its kind in the UK and power an estimated 155,000 homes, is currently going through planning processes.

And in an age when energy sources and procurement of energy dictates pretty much everything we do - and we have the chance to fly to Mars -these concepts hardly seem rocket science.