Guardian Comment: Has the judge really put his foot down?

Work starts on M6 link road.
Work starts on M6 link road.

Another week and news that another appeal against the M6 link road has been rejected.

Another judge has apparently put his foot down to those opposing the road. Now they have just a week to apply for an oral hearing - the final rung of the ladder for those who have fought the project every step of the way. The words the judge used were, and I quote, ‘Enough is enough’, which seems pretty damning.

It also seems pretty conclusive in the light of news that bulldozers are already on site, preparing workers huts and digging access roads to prepare for the work to start proper. A bit pre-emptive perhaps?

The only thing I can conclude, in what is one of the longest running sagas in Lancaster and Morecambe history - is that whatever happens, those who have fought for what they believe in have fought hard and it’s not over until it’s over. But many will be very glad to a see a conclusion to the decision making process and the start of a project that has reached almost mythical status.

Words can’t really describe the horror of today’s front page story. That elderly people at the end of their lives should be treated with such disrespect is stomach churning and frankly, inhumane.