Guardian Comment: Getting our houses in order

Latest news.
Latest news.

It can only be a positive that Lancaster is starting to experience a housing boom with more than a thousand homes currently under construction or planned.

Housebuilding means jobs and new homes mean an injection of life into the economy. With the Claughton brickworks now re-opened and creating new and reinstating old positions there is a cautious feeling of optimism in the air that the post-recession recovery is on it’s way and starting to be felt.

However we must be careful to watch our development carefully and not destroy our beautiful city and it’s environs through unjudicious planning. New is not always better and we need to make sure money is injected into projects to inject new life into what we already have.

News of the £5.5m investment to revamp the Chatsworth Gardens area of Morecambe is really positive. They plan to spend money revamping the historic exteriors and rebuilding the more derelict aspects of the Victorian homes - dividing them up into flats and townhouses where appropriate. A fantastic project.

Meanwhile, all thoughts on the 23 cocklers who lost their lives in Morecambe Bay ten years ago. But have lessons been learned? Special report starts p37.