Guardian Comment: Bringing L for loud back into libraries

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It’s the best news we’ve heard all week.

The Get it Loud in Libraries programme is back after securing new funding.

At it’s conception the project was a revelation.

Who had ever heard of playing music in libraries, those zones for browsing the shelves in peace and tranquillity?

But this scheme proved anything is possible, not only making libraries a cool place to be - but showcasing up and coming bands and artists and giving opportunities to young people who want to get involved in the music industry.

Future big names played - from Adele, Frank Turner, Jessie J to Juliette Lewis - before the scheme faltered.

But now a comeback gig starring none other than The Charlatans’ front man Tim Burgess (a particular favourite of mine from back in the day) is on the cards - though sadly a scheduling clash means he will have to play at Kendal library rather than Lancaster or Morecambe ( good for Kendal obviously and it’s not that far.)

But this all augurs fantastically well for the future of music in the area - a big pat on the back to organiser Stewart Parsons for all his hard work.