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Market Square, Lancaster.
Market Square, Lancaster.

Great to see progress being made through the Square Routes project in Lancaster city centre.

The new plinth should add a much needed performance space and provide a focal point and seating area in the busy Market Square. The £1m injection – various projects including new surfaces, seating and lighting – should give Lancaster an overdue makeover.

Interesting to see the council are planning to put car parking charges up. Unfortunately this particular revenue raiser is often a soft target in times of economic doom and gloom – and Lancaster council is certainly facing those. However, this can be short sighted , particularly for a city fighting for its place as a shopping and leisure destination. Let’s hope it doesn’t send more shoppers off to the likes of the Trafford Centre.

The savings have to found somewhere. But I remain to be convinced the suggestion to close Visitor Centres at weekends and bank holidays is the brightest ever made though.

Respect to MP Eric Ollerenshaw in his battle to gain awareness of ‘silent killer’ pancreatic cancer. If his very real story, combined with Coronation street’s fictional one, help save one life – it is very worth it.