Glad of sit down after tiring but rewarding weekend

Allan Blackburn.
Allan Blackburn.

This week is the big come down after the Food and Drink Festival.

Although it’s a really rewarding weekend and great fun, it is really hard work and I’ve been glad of a sit down, in the last few 

My wife, Gloria, reminded me that this time last year, there was no time for a rest, for as soon as the event was over, I was packing my case for a few days away with my son.

It was his stag party and as his father, or course, I had a duty to be there.

Jimmy was married 11 years ago.

At the time, for reasons long forgotten, they didn’t get married in a church, but it’s something they have always wanted to do.

So, very romantically, last year they got “married again” in a church, on the anniversary of their first meeting.

It was a wonderful day and one that our family and friends will remember for a long time.

An extra blessing was that Jimmy’s three children could attend this one.

Most stag parties are loud, drunken affairs, but with the father in law and myself 11 years older than we were last time, we decided on a more sedate stag night, over a decade on.

We took it easy.

The same cannot be said for the younger ones in the group, for whom drinking a lot, seemed to be the main aim.

On the first day we arranged a round of golf which was lovely but tiring, so us “oldies” had a couple of small whiskeys and hit the sack for an early night.

If you’re a golfer you’ll know games are usually played in groups of up to four.

On this occasion we went round in a group of eight.

Surely that’s a world record.

On the second day we went to the horse racing, where we had a meal and our own table for the day.

The younger ones soon found the bar and whilst we were betting (and winning) some of the others in our party, were having trouble speaking, never mind working out the odds.

It was a great weekend.

Maybe I’m feeling my age, but I’m happy this weekend to just put my feet up.

Jimmy on the other hand would do it all again tomorrow if we let him.