Gary Rycroft column: Sometimes in life you get what you pay for

Gary Rycroft
Gary Rycroft

Are you thinking of moving house in 2014? For most people buying a property is the most expensive purchase they will ever make in their lifetime and yet they may spend less time viewing the house they buy than they would trying on a pair of trainers.

Incredible if you think about it.

Something else incredible is that some folk instruct 
the lawyer who gives the cheapest quote to do the legal work.

Really? Would you? For the most important legal transaction you may ever enter into?

For me, the two most important things you should look for when appointing a lawyer to act on your behalf with regard to a property transaction is firstly the expertise of the lawyer and secondly the level of service you will receive from the firm as a whole.

In terms of expertise, 
then not all lawyers are the same.

Find someone with 
legal qualifications and 
who has a number of 
years of experience 
working in the local property market.

In terms of client service then “you know it when you see it”.

We have had clients who have been with us for years and then they decide to sell a house and get lured into a “package” with an estate
agent and sent off to use a different lawyer as part of a package. However, they come back to us the next time because having experienced a high level of client service 
with us it is a shock to be farmed out to a remote “legal factory” where you are a number rather than an individual.

The Law Society has an accreditation scheme for law firms dealing with conveyancing.

The Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) is for firms who sign up to a protocol including client service standards.

Firms who have the CQS badge have also had to demonstrate that they are well run and are financially secure.

I wish all readers compliments of the season.

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