Gary Rycroft column

Gary Rycroft.
Gary Rycroft.

New Year, new calendar, new dates to fill in with fun things to do.

During these dark days of winter what better tonic than filling a few blanks in the calendar with a summer holiday?

Yes it’s that time of year when the TV adverts start to show swimming pools, water slides and golden beaches.

Well sorry to be a killjoy but what the TV adverts don’t show are delayed flights, swimming pool injuries and sickness bugs.

In fact all the aspects of a holiday which can lead to legal claims.

Of course you can’t bring a claim just because you didn’t enjoy a holiday per se, but you can bring a claim for loss of value, out of pocket expenses and loss of enjoyment.

A claim for loss of value might be booking a room with a sea view but not getting one.

Out of pocket expenses may be a claim for taxi fares because you were promised a free airport transfer.

A claim for loss of enjoyment may be distress caused because the Kids Club was cancelled!

It’s also worth noting that whilst the package holidays I used to enjoy as a child are now somewhat out of fashion in these days of independent travellers, they do offer extra protection to the consumer.

To qualify as a Package Holiday it must be prearranged, last more than 24 hours and an over night stay and offer at least two of (1) transport (2) accommodation (3) other tourist services.

So think it all through before you take the plunge and book.

And for some cautionary tales and top tips tune into Rip Off Holidays every morning on BBC1 for two weeks from Monday, January 5, some of which was filmed at my office here in Lancaster, which was a holiday in itself for those media folk from Salford.