Gary Rycroft column

Gary Rycroft.
Gary Rycroft.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “Do one thing every day that scares you” and for me last week that was appearing on live TV.

“Rip Off Britain” on BBC1 which I appear on from time to time is normally pre-recorded but last week it was broadcast live every week day morning from Central London.

The presenters Gloria Hunniford, Angela Rippon and Julia Somerville are all veterans of many hours of liveTV, so being there with them was a master class in how look at ease while chatting to a few million viewers.

I won’t deny it wasn’t fun pretending to be a telly person for a few days.

It’s great having a car pick you up and drop you outside the BBC at 7am and the youngsters waiting outside in the dark for famous pop stars to emerge from Radio 1 peer at you and wonder if you are someone they should know, or probably in my case the dad of someone they know.

My favourite part of the experience was meeting other people taking part in the show in the Green Room, the area where everyone sits before heading into the studio.

I met the Minister for Culture and Communications who was on the show to be interviewed about broadband and how the lack of can devalue houses.

Thanks to being cornered by me in the Green Room he also now knows all about The Dukes in Lancaster and it’s amazing work with the dementia community.

I also met an eminent professor who specialises in social care and was on to talk about how his own mother was a victim of identity fraud. He turned out to be a fellow sandgrownun – born in Morecambe but now living down south. So I updated him on local house prices and the Eric Statue saga.

But the most interesting guest was “the Coupon Kid”, a young lad aged 17 who since his dad walked out on them two years ago has been buying groceries for him and his mum using coupons. He saves a fortune and is now sharing his knowledge with others. Watch this space as that kid will go far.

Meantime, I’m back in the real world up here in Lancaster. Apologies to any clients who had trouble getting in touch last week, but normal service has now resumed…