Gary Rycroft column

Gary Rycroft.
Gary Rycroft.

Walking Jake the dog in Williamson Park after work this week it was impossible not to notice groups of people settling down to picnics in the sunshine.

I kept Jake on a short lead lest he attempt to purloin a sausage roll and surmised that many of the al fresco diners were there for the “play in the park” and if so they would be in for a treat.

For this year is a vintage one for The Dukes and Lancaster’s nationally renowned out door theatre.

There have been many wonderful shows since it all started with A Midsummer Nights a Dream back in 1987, but Hansel and Gretel and More Tales of the Forest is a cracker, with laugh out loud moments for children and adults a like.

And some slightly scary bits.

Yes I am biased both as a trustee of The Dukes and given that my law firm have sponsored the promenade play since 2008 but actually both these facts make me a critical friend; there’s nothing like signing a cheque to see bring art down to earth and see it for it is.

As part of the Joseph A. Jones and Co sponsorship deal we get tickets, so we always take all our staff and their families.

It’s fair to say that a law firm is just like any other place of work in that it’s hard to please all the people all the time, but like all good Fairy Tales, Hansel and Gretel has a happy ending and this year so did we in that everyone loved it.

Open air theatre has become more common since pioneered by the Dukes all those years ago.

But there remains something magical about walking round Williamson Park watching theatre as the sun sets over the Bay.

I remember being thrilled by the first show in 1987 and sincerely thank Morecambe High School for taking me.

And this year the magic includes watching grown men and women dressed as a swan, a vegetarian wolf and a frog on a tricycle.

So if you’ve not been yet, treat yourself and get up to there before the run (and may be the sun) ends on August 16.