Fitness Formation: Start planning for next year – support is on offer

Fitness Formation
Fitness Formation

Well, here we are – six days away from Christmas.

Have you been good? Twelve months ago when you said you were going to do “x, y and z” as your new year’s resolutions, what has happened?

If you stuck to them, great. Well done. Give yourself a pat of the back and congratulate yourself as you are one of the small 5% of the population who stick to said goals. If not, why?

What were the reasons you were so good for a few weeks and then everything seemed to stop and you didn’t stick to your well meaning resolutions? With Christmas and new year on our doorsteps, chances are you’ll have a little more time off.

Take this time to look around you. Reflect on the last 12 months and what you did or didn’t do. This time of year is all about togetherness, friendship and above all else, family. Go back to one of my first features here in The Lancaster Guardian where I went on about your reasons why.

I may be being a little presumptuous here, but I am guessing your family and your loved ones are the biggest driving factors behind your goals. Take time over this festive period and actually put pen to paper on your goals for 2014. I’ll be back soon to go through your goals and how to stick to them.

As a thank you for reading my columns throughout the whole of 2013, I want to give you a present from myself and Fitness Formation. Head on over to and you can redeem a free £50 gift card to use at Fitness Formation.

We want you to stick to your new year resolutions and we are here to help. Plus if you like our columns, you’ll love what we do here. And you can join our team for next year’s fundraising for St John’s Hopsice. I hope you have a very merry Christmas whatever you are doing. Have fun!