Fitness Formation: Fitness fans are Born Survivors

Fitness Formation members before the Born Survivor challenge on Saturday.
Fitness Formation members before the Born Survivor challenge on Saturday.
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More than 50 Fitness Formation members took on yet another military obstacle course – Born Survivor at Lowther Castle – on Saturday.

It was very much the same as the recent Total Warrior event, however, it was 10k not 10 miles and it had twice as many obstacles around the course. I get asked on numerous occasions, ‘why?’ People say ‘why do you do these events? Why should you do them?’

Born Survivor was designed by ex-Royal Marines and it is one of the only events that is not timed. The whole idea behind this, is that all participants work together as a team and nobody gets left behind. That’s what the military is all about.

Everyone helps each other out and no matter what, we stick together. Events such as this weekend, bring people together in a way like no other.

After you’ve crawled through mud, climbed over walls and swum under water with a team, there is a bond created that will last forever. That is the one reason why we do it. Not for glory, not for anything like that.

Simply to push yourselves out of your comfort zones, conquer mental and physical barriers together with your team mates and create long lasting friendships.

No matter where you are at with your fitness levels and abilities, set a goal and work relentlessly to get there and you will succeed. What makes these sort of events more special is that it is a team effort and no one is better or worse.

Two women who had never trained before, not to mention doing an event like this, were Leonie Hodgson and Lucy Housden. Leonie has now lost three dress sizes for and Lucy has completely transformed her life with exercise and overcome a shoulder injury to help her push her team mates over the walls at the weekend. These two women raised more than £1,500 just by themselves for the Oncology Department at Lancaster Royal Infirmary and Macmillan.

Fitness Formation has now committed to raising £100,000 in 2014 for charity. So keep your eyes peeled for more information and if you would like to help please do contact me directly at