Fitness Formation column

Ryan Donohue.
Ryan Donohue.

More often than not if people fail to achieve their vision, it’s because they have been unrealistic with what it is that they have set for themselves.

It goes way beyond the timeline they have in mind, and they lose interest.

They are overwhelmed by it. You need to use common sense, first, and foremost.

The goals we set ourselves are personal to us, and won’t always be the same as everyone else.

Firstly, write them down. You need to have a realistic timeline of achieving your aims.

They need to be personal to you, and they need to be relevant to your current level of fitness, or general well-being.

You need to know what you want to achieve, and put a date on it.

Set your ‘vision’ as your long term goal. We use the term vision as it’s more powerful than goal, when it comes to what you want to achieve, look like, or feel like.

Your goals are stepping stones to your vision.

They are short term i.e. to lose three pounds a week for the next four weeks.

Your long term goal is many steps away, but each goal you hit is one step closer.

You need to find something that you like doing. This way you’re more likely to stick to it. You need to be inspired by what you do.

Setting realistic targets, and hitting them will give you personal satisfaction.

Celebrate this success, but don’t beat yourself up if it slides by a few days. Once you hit them, celebrate them, and don’t look back.

When it comes to nutrition, be just as realistic. If you cut out all chocolate for example, one day you will binge.

Instead, set a realistic target of cutting it down by a third, and then half, and so on.

Your nutrition may be the hardest thing you have to tackle, so be ultra realistic in what you set.

Be patient. If you are looking to lose weight or inches think of the amount of time it took to put on that weight, or those inches. It will take time to come off.

You need to know this, and know that your realistic goal setting, and ultimately, your vision, will come. Patience is a virtue.

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